At the Ellsworth Air Show you will see the best of the best!

Ellsworth AFB will host the Raider Country Open House and Air Show on May 14-15, 2022! This high flying event will feature military airframes from bases across the nation as well as fun aerial acts that highlight the capabilities of modern aviation. Step onto the flightline for front row seats to air acts, aircraft displays, fun vendors, and numerous STEM exhibits.

The 2022 Ellsworth Air Show will be an event you won’t want to miss.


Static Displays

  • B-1B with munitions display
  • KC-135 (MacDill)
  • SDANG F-16s (Sioux Falls)
  • F-35 (Hill)
  • C-17 (McChord)
  • B-52 (Minot)
  • C-130J (Dyess)
  • UH-1 (FE Warren)
  • MLRS (SDNG 1-147th FA)
  • M1068 Cmd Veh (1-147th FA)
  • HEMTT Wrecker (SDNG RC)
  • HH-60 Blackhawk (SDNG RC)
  • UH-72A Lakota (SDNG RC)
  • T-6 (Vance)
  • B-25
  • P-51
  • A-26 (Special Kay)
  • T-33 (Ace Maker)
  • BH Life Flight Helo
  • MARC King Air C90A
  • Plane Trng PA-28
  • T-34A
  • Mini Jet
  • SDSU C-172
  • SDHP T206
  • CAP C-182
  • CAP C-172
  • F-22 (JBER)
  • T-1A (Pensacola)
  • T-38 (Whiteman)
  • EA-18G (Whidbey Island)


Free Kids Zone

Blue Angels Mechanical Ride, Freedom Jump, Blue Angels Bounce House, Blue Angels Slide, Blue Angels Obstacle Course, Blue Angels Ride on Carts, Helicopter Combo Bounce, Army Tank Obstacle Course

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Civilian Aerial Performances


Free Man Airshows

Air Show Entertainment featuring Bob Freeman in the Extra 330LX!

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Mini Jet Airshow

Mini Jet Airshows performs high energy aerobatic routine in our highly modified, Subsonex Jet Aircraft powered by the PBS-TJ100.

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Vanguard Squadron

We are a formation aerobatic air show team based out of Tea, SD. We are powered by 100% ethanol fuel and our sponsored by POET.

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